The weather in Leon

The weather in Castilla y Leon

We see many questions from pilgrims about the weather situation for the Camino Frances. This of course differs from region to region, but we have made an overview of the weather per month for the Castilla y Leon region. Our inn is located about 30 km from Leon and 10 km from Astorga at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. This implies that it can be cool at night and even downright cold in winter. In terms of sleeping bags, this is something to take into account.

January – this is the coldest month of the year where temperatures can drop further below zero at night. Snow is also not uncommon due to the altitude. During the day it is usually above freezing. On average, January has 11 rainy days and 20 sunny days. January is not recommended to walk the camino, there will not be many pilgrims on the way.

February – is similar in weather to January and especially the cold nights are something to take into account. There will still not be many pilgrims on the way and also this month is not recommended to walk.

March – with the transition to spring, the better weather also comes to northern Spain. The nights are less cold but there can still be night frosts. The sun can also be seen more often and there is little precipitation on average. The temperature will be pleasant during the day, but as soon as the sun has set it will immediately become noticeably colder. Some stages like O’Cebreiro involve high altitudes so warm clothes are absolutely necessary.

April – the nice weather gives way to the rain in April because April is a real rainy month where it can rain for a long time and intensively. Dirt paths can get very slippery; this is something to watch out for. The sun will not show itself often in April, but on average there will be no more night frosts. A warm sleeping bag is still recommended that actually counts for all months, even in summer.

May – is an excellent month to walk the camino. The night frost is gone and during the day the temperature easily reaches 20 degrees. This month there will be little rain on average and the sun will shine a lot. Personally, we think May and September are the best months to walk the camino.

June – With the onset of summer, temperatures rise although it doesn’t get as hot here in northern Spain as it does in the south or inland. During the day the temperature can reach 25 degrees and there will not be much rain. Strangely enough, there can be a cold snap for a few days, the day temperature does not go beyond 10 degrees and the wind can be strong.

July – is a beautiful month but it can be very hot during the day with temperatures up to 30 days. Good sun protection is necessary as there can be long stages without shade. It doesn’t rain much, although thunderstorms can develop in the afternoon that can be intense.

August – similar to July although it will be slightly warmer. The temperature will be around or above 30 degrees most days and there will be virtually no rain. Due to the high temperature, it is not recommended to walk this month. In addition, this is the holiday month in Spain where tourists also book in the hostels, so booking in time is recommended.

September – this month is excellent for walking. The worst of the heat has disappeared but the temperature remains very pleasant. There is not much rain.

October – the number of rainy days will increase considerably and the temperature will decrease, but this month can still be used for the camino. Some stages such as at Foncebadon involve high altitudes so warm clothes are absolutely necessary.

November – autumn is very noticeable and especially at night it gets cold. During the day the temperature does not exceed 12 degrees and it can rain heavily. This month is not recommended for the camino.

December – is similar to last month but the temperature drops a bit further. Many hostels will be closed so it is advisable to plan the night well.

This is, of course, a general idea of ​​the weather in Castilla y Leon, Leon, Villares de Orbigo and Astorga. Circumstances can always be different, so even with good weather it is advisable to follow the weather forecast and possibly shorten the stage. Especially in the summer months, thunderstorms can be very violent and develop quickly.

More information can be found here or the current forecasts can be found here. Do you need more information about your stay in Albergue Villares de Orbigo then please contact us!

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