Travel to Spain / Important information.

Travel to Spain / Important information.

Martinette Martinette 06/05/2021 News

Castilla y Leon

Travel to Spain / Important information about ending the state of emergency in Spain on May 9th. 2021.
as you have probably heard the national government of Spain decided to end the state of emergency as of May 9th. 2021.

The state of emergency was the juridical coverage of extraordinary measures implemented by the national regions. With the ending of the state of emergency most of the measures will end and this has positive implications for walking the camino. From here we focus on the Camino Frances but most rules also apply for the other caminos in Spain.
Most important is that the internal borders will be opened and no travel restrictions will be eligible when crossing a regional border. So from Aragon to Galicia no border limitations apply.
Also the curfew will be ended. Regional governments already announced that restaurants and cafes must close at 11pm. This applies to Castilly y Leon but might be different in other regions.

Hotels and albergues still face limitations in the number of guests so it is recommended to reserve your bed or room in time to be sure about your place to sleep for the night.

Traveling to Spain was already possible and for now there are no changes so you need to be covered with a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours and a filled digital health declaration form which can be obtained by visiting the site Even if you are fully vaccinated a negative PCR test is mandatory.

As the regulations in Spain and Europe are changing quickly now we will keep you updated as best as possible. If you have any questions or additional information please contact us so that we can share all important information to help anyone to make the right decision for walking the Camino Frances this year.