Camino del Vino. Part 6 Galicia

Martinette Martinette 08/02/2022 News

Camino del vino Bierzo: Walking the Camino is not only a religious, sportive or spiritual experience, it is also a good opportunity to get acquainted with Spain in terms of food and drinks. Merel has a passion for wine, is a member of a wine society and regularly writes about wine and her preferences. In Albergue Villares de Orbigo, Merel has put together the wine assortiment and this produces fantastic and very affordable wines that we serve to our guests and with which we try to distinguish ourselves.

When you walk the Camino Frances you pass through several wine regions. If you want to go well-informed about wine, read the articles that Merel has written and enjoy all the beauty that Spain and the Camino have to offer. So enjoy your camino del vino!

Part 6: Galicia

Only a few years ago this wine region was unknown and these wines were mainly drunk in Galicia. Wine lovers now know what this region has to offer. Fresh and aromatic white and to a lesser extent red wines.

A remarkably green area with beautiful hills south of Galicia on the border with Portugal, called the Rias Baixas. You walk through this when you walk the Portuguese route. The Rias Baixas consists of three areas, the city of Pontevedra is approximately in the middle. The whole area has a wet climate with beautiful nature.

The yields are great, but the winegrowers have to watch out for mildew and fungi. You also see that the vines are often led over a pergola, so there is room for the wind to blow through it and to dry the grapes after a heavy rain shower. Mainly Albarino is planted, about 96% a white grape, the reds are hardly important, the focus is on producing white wines.

Fermentation takes place in steel tanks to keep the wine as fresh as possible. They are aromatic wines with splashes of fruit, they are ideal with fish meals.