Albergues Leon

Martinette Martinette 06/10/2021 News
Catedral Leon

Albergues Leon: The beautiful city of Léon in the Castilla y Leon region is a mandatory stop for many pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostella. Leon host many albergues, cafes, restaurants and beautiful buildings with the cathedral and Antoni Gaudí palace as highlights.

From Leon it is 32km to Villares de Orbigo and a very popular stage for most pilgrims.

If you prefer to walk shorter stages then you can also choose for a stay in Villar de Mazarife which is located in the middle between Leon and Villares de Orbigo. In Villar de Mazarife there are three very good albergues, Albergue San Antonio de Padua , Albergue Tio Pepe and Albergue El Refugio de Jesús.

When you leave Leon you will walk along a very busy and dangerous road for a couple of kilometers. This is not the camino feeling you might be looking for but these stages are also part of the whole camino. There are two different routes to Villares de Orbigo and we always advice to choose the route true Villar de Mazarife as the alternative is all along the busy road.

We must be honest as the stage between Leon and Villares de Orbigo is not very interesting. An almost flat stage till Villares de Orbigo where the real fun starts in terms of landscape and camino feeling. And please don’t make the mistake when you leave Hospital de Orbigo to choose again for a path parallel to the busy road, see our previous post instead choose for the stage to Villares de Orbigo or simply follow the sign to Bar Arnal and well know yellow signs.

From Hospital de Orbigo to Villares de Orbigo it is only 2 kilometers walking till albergue Villares de Orbigo which is the second albergue when you enter the village.

Villares de Orbigo host two very good albergues, a bar/restaurant, small supermarket, pharmacy and a doctor. Enjoy your stay in Villares de Orbigo!